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This is the data central hub for instances.


This is the home of all items


This is the place of all literature files available all on instances.
Uploading literature is recommended in the djvu format, but also pdf upload is supported.

Standard naming of files

Without capitalization and space character. Words should be spitted by the line character: "-".

The name of the file should contain:
1. title
2. part (if it has)
3. publication year

Naming examples


Title Part Publication year Recommanded name of the file
Feast of conspirators 2 1934 feast-of-conspirators-part-2-1934.djvu
Our Responsability - 1936 our-responsability-1936.djvu
Loyalty and faithfulness - 1936 loyalty-and-faithfulness-1936.djvu
Stăpânirile cele mai înalte 1 1930 stăpânirile-cele-mai-înalte-partea-1-1930.djvu
A felső hatalmasságok 2 1929 a-felső-hatalmasságok-rész-2-1929.djvu

Illustrations in diferent materials

short description Title of the material that contains the illustration page number Resulting file name
antic writing Equipped for every good work 46 antic-writing-equipped-for-every-good-work-pag46.png
interliniar text Equipped for every good work 48 interliniar-text-equipped-for-every-good-work-pag48.png


All templates used in jwunited instances are in the templates list.